Can 300 mg lithium be an effective dose?

So i became very anxious and a bit too high and irritable on 600 mg of lithium. I am scared…My mom is scared too. My doc told me to decrease the lithium to 300 mg. But I saw some progress on 600 mg. I cant live only on Zyprexa and Depakote, I was too sick on them with no life at all… So I wish that lithium helps.
do you think 300 mg of it is enough to be effective?

Those symptoms do not sound like the effects of lithium. I highly doubt a dose of 300 is therapeutic

I wasn’t like this before the lithium. My doc said to go on 300 mg.

It took 1200mg for it to work for me.

I see, stellaglow. But I dont invent it, I became more agitated and anxious… I am med sensible. Moonwalker, its not me, its the med. the problem is that I was bery tormented on Zyprexa too, it wasn’t helping the depression.

That is a sign of mania or hypomania. You take Lithium to deal with those symptoms. Could just be coincidence

no, my doc prescribed me lithium against my depression and negatives! I am tired to prove you that I am worse in a way on the lithium! I couldn’t eat because of it yesterday. we try the smaller dose now.

Lithium gives me extreme fatigue which I take modafinil to counteract. Maybe you’re getting that reaction.

No, I have anxiety to the roof on 600 mg,hypochondria and agitation. It can happen, you know.

Maybe you actually need more. Could be it’s not enough. Lithium has a pretty good response to those symptoms in the right dose

You are a doc now? I told you, i became very anxious on the bigger dose and its not coincidence. Lets see if 300 mg can work…

i doubt 300mg of lithium will do anything, let alone feel it

From what i understand 900mg is the lowest therapeutic dose…

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I know wallafish,but some people need smaller doses of meds. This is a fact too. I know people like this.

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Yea everyone is different i agree.

Give it a go then and see how you feel

I actually wanna go off lithium, im going to talk to my doc next month :slight_smile:

Have you tried lithium orotate? It’s a supplement you can buy at health food shops. You don’t need as much of it and it’s not toxic. You don’t need blood test with it either. If you haven’t heard of it before, just research it.

Ok, thank you. In fact now i cant focus on anything but i still remain passive,its strange. I have more energy without realizing it anywhere, you see how i am? Does somebody was like this? Energized but passive? Well, what an illness…

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On 600 mg @Moonwalker I was feeling cloudy, very vulnerable and weak physically. Its not a typical body weakness, its some kind of mind weakness. It freaks me out, it worries me a lot. I just try to describe you how I was feeling… Its too much to feel vulnerable like this, my mother said its not normal. I was feeling like I float in my body without other feelings, without being grounded in some way. And its been a month and two weeks already, so I presume its alarming, not in a good way :confused: .I know people who got better on low doses of all kind of meds, not everyone needs the big doses. Plus, I have Zyprexa and Depakote too. The state of being worried all day is not normal, no? Cause I worry so much that I am afraid I can die, I have this fear, fear of dying…
that’s all
the problem is that on Zyprexa and Depakote I didnt have any life cause I had my fears too and lack of positive emotions…

@Anna1. I’ve been on lithium for a long time. It’s been good for me. I really can’t say why you’re feeling the way you do or confirm that it has to do with lithium. When I started lithium I suffered terribly from fatigue which I later resolved with modafinil. Lithium clearly affects people differently and maybe what you’re experiencing is your own version of what I want thru. I actually became narcoleptic. So who knows. I still take 800 mg though and have taken up to 1200. I guess doing what your doctor recommends is best so you can try different doses and see what the outcome is. Overall lithium can be a very good drug

Thanks for the message moon! But yes, I think it affects us differently. everything can happen with lifting meds. Lithium increases serotonine also, its not so strange to have a reaction as the mine. My doc was afraid by this in a way too. so now he said to try 300 mg. But yes, I am afraid ill just be stuck again in the numbness of my illness once again if 300 mg is not effective. I was very scared the last days and it wasn’t getting better. I couldn’t even eat again you know, I was high… I was floating, do you know this symptom? It made me paranoid. The only thing that I know is that aps didnt calm my fears and dont work on my negatives at all. I was miserable as hell on them. I am running out of options…

Try the lower dose as recommended see if it takes you where you want to be. All the meds effect us differently. Some are sensitive to certain ones. I can’t tolerate ssri’s.

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