What do you think is worse than schizophrenia?

Besides cancer anyways

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I tink HIV, it kills you slowly and stigma is worse than sz


Not another one of these



Acid reflux. 555


Why acid reflux?

It’s pretty awful, is it not

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Being hypnotised to say your thoughts every 5 seconds and the whole world pretending you are not! :wink: Mateo…

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I call it mental rape because it is the violation of my mind against my consent, will and knowledge.

To be gaslit by everybody and have no support with the inability to even discuss it without being gaslighted and having endured it for 18 years solid.

For it to have turned into ritual humiliation, and left to believe that it will never end.

Schizophrenia is a walk in the park compared to this.

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I think even death is better than schizophrenia… Not suggesting that we should die.

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I would die if I didn’t have a religion. Death seems like an easy way out and plus I don’t have to keep bothering my family. I am a piece of trash.

Your self talk might bepart of the problem laetitia. If you keep repeating I’m trash im trash you’re going to think that about yourself. You’re not you’re a valuable human being and God loves you your friends and family too


Wtf. Death? Cancer? It’s not as bad as any of those things and the fact that you can function enough to write your opinion means it’s not.

It’s the cancer of mental illness

Yeah your posts are very triggering by the way! You seem really convinced your a terrible person, I hope your not that way in real life.

People who complain about having it.

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to me It’s basically like asking what’s worse:
Torture or death

Schizophrenia is torture - cancers etc is death.

It’s a difficult question because merely considering the suffering factor schiz may be worse but considering the ramifications of death, cancer etc is obviously worse

Sorry In advance I don’t mean to set anyone off who disagrees just trying to frame the question. I have no idea which is worse I just know the torment unmedicated schizophrenia can bring…

We are rewarded for our suffering though… so there’s always hope

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Unless your really suffering? Your allowed to complain. It’s called therapy

I’m sorry. I’ll be sure to put a tw next time.

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Or you could take that energy you waste on complaining and apply it towards improving your life.

Through complaining about your sz with THERAPY