Caffeine and SZ/SZA

I recently switched to decaf coffee, in the hopes that it will help lessen my symptoms.

What about you? Do you think caffeine contributes to symptoms being a little more intense for the entire day afterward? Do you notice anything different when you drink a coffee or an energy drink?


I never touched energy drinks as I think there a little much. But I enjoy my coffee in the morning doesn’t seem to bother me. When I was fighting fatigue from the AP I would drink it all day. It’s the only way I could work.

I’d drank ten cups of coffee a day for almost forty years before I decided to just take caffeine pills. For me, I think the caffeine has little effect. It’s something you develop a tolerance for.

Yes i have decreased it much and skip it after 3 pm.

I enjoy up to 3 cups of coffee (Max) a day.
I really can’t have more than 3 cups a day.
It would make my moods swing and keep me more anxious.

I’ve drank a red bull, at least 1 (small can), everyday now for the past 2 and a half years, I notice if I go a few days without it I get a headache which are symptoms of caffeine withdrawal I think, after all it is a drug, just a drug that most people take! As for my schizophrenia I don’t think it affects it directly but my sleeping pattern disorder is probably a result of multiple things in life, negative symptoms, loneliness, lack of motivation, drugs and one of them being caffeine…if I stopped taking a red bull or two every day for up to two weeks I recon it would make some sort of improvement to my overall wellbeing, its just getting the motivation to stop taking them that’s the problem!

The reason why having caffeinated drinks make mental illness more difficult to manage is because it sets off your adrenaline production which is what makes you feel ‘wired’ and anxious. Drinking water will clear your kidneys and doesn’t trigger the unwanted effects of caffeine. Try de-caffeinated hot drinks or flavoured water.

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Caffeine totally wires me and leaves me unable to sleep at night. I only drink decaf coffee. And I drink it all day and evening long. Around here, where I live, they push coffee like drugs.