Cabergoline and antipsychotics


I have very high levels of prolactin caused by Amisulpride. I am thinking about talking with my pdoc about the medication Cabergoline. Has any of you tried it before. Does it interact with the antipsychotic medication and does it help with the prolactin levels?

Cabergoline do the opposite of antipsychotics, its a dopamine agonist, boosts dopamine so no good for psychosis, I highly doubt your Dr will prescribe it. Its used to treat Parkinson’s. Your Dr will probably add or replace a part of your amisulpride with Abilify. Or switch completely to a prolactin neutral ap.

Abilify is neutral on prolactin.

I have tried abilify but it didn’t help with my paranoid schizophrenia at all

Well thers lots of other meds that don’t affect prolactin, ask your Dr.