Schizophrenia and Cabergoline

I am currently taking paliperidone (invega) for my schizophrenia but my prolactin levels are really high. Can i take Cabergoline with invega to lower my prolactin levels ? And does Cabergoline boosts dopamine ?

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You may want to ask your dr


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I’m also on Invega but don’t know about Cabergoline

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Hi max is it anti anxiety medication. .!!!

Hey. I have heard of doctors adding low dose abilify (1mg) to respiridone to prevent high prolactin.

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Talk to your doctor but you may want to ask him or her to add low dose Abilify to help lower prolactin.

Cabogerline can worsen psychotic symptoms.

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Cabergoline is a long-lasting dopamine agonist, also called Dostinex. It is ergot-derived and therefore carries a risk of heart-valve fibrosis, like Permax or Parlodel (removed from the US market because of this issue). A much better, safe choice would be the currently used, non-ergot derived dopamine agonists, such as Requip XL, Neupro or Mirapex ER.

Of particular concern is if the Invega cancels out the beneficial effects of the dopamine agonist. Also, the dopamine stimulation could in theory bring on, as someone said, anxiety or psychotic symptoms. Glad to go into detail.

A low-risk way to lower prolactin levels by over 60% is to supplement Vitamin E.

I find my breasts hurt when I don’t supplement it.

i also have high prolactin from invega im thinking of switching meds hopefully no side effects when i do im thinking abilify but i heard it can give restlessness which would suck