Building muscle 2 years after stopping antipsychotics?

I have read that antipsychotics can alter things in the body and hinder muscle growth as a result

My questions is, can i build muscle 2 years after i stopped taking risperdal (and zyprexa for a short period of time) and not being on any medication? Because im lifting weights for a couple of months and i feel like im not seeing the results i want to. And im afraid that it has something to do with risperdal ■■■■■■■ up my body for the long term.

Note:i took risperdal for 2 years, was also taking prozac at that same time

Risperdal only stays in your system 6 weeks so it’s probably not that.

I’d guess that you probably could, but be careful when you first start out. Your body probably isn’t habituated to lifting a lot of weight. You don’t say how old you are, but if you are very old it will probably take time.

I’m 19 years old
And @MisterCrowley, i work extremely hard in the gym, sleep good and eat healthy… guess i just need to be more patient.

It takes time to start seeing results if you haven’t lifted for a period of time. I’ve been on APs for 20 years and I’m building muscle.

what meds r u taking now?

I did just fine building muscle on APs back when my heart was healthier. Not being able to build muscle on APs is an urban myth in our community.

Your body will repair your broken muscles via protein synthesis.

In order to cause muscle damage you have to perform exercises that overloads the muscle.

Last but not least your nutrients should be on point and adequate. Protein and fats are most important. If you can adapt working out without carbs, props to you

Muscle building takes really long time, 2 months that’s like 8 workouts for one muscle group, 8 times you’ve damaged your muscle group (assuming you did caused overload), that’s still equal to nothing.

Consistency, time and nutrition. Look up youtube keywords that interests you, how to set yourself up for success in building muscle.

How many episodes have you had and are you still off of aps?

What do you eat?? You have to change your diet when you start working out.

I have 17 years of experience on antipsychotic, sports and muscle gains. If you are on antipsychotics you can forget the wish of building muscle-mass. I guess you need dopamine and proper hormone levels in your body to build muscles, even if you do your diet right, you will not gain muscle-mass. The only thing I gained was stamina and endurance and a little more strength. Mass and tone never came back after being put on antipsychotics. I was 1 year of antipsychotics and gained 3-5KG muscle mass in that particular year and was looking really muscular and healthy and also really felt that way. After back on antipsychotics never gained again, only fat on all different types of bodybuilding diets.

Even though I’m 37 now I’m planning on micro dosing steroids when I lose the excess fat since nothing helped to adverse the damage antipsychotic does to muscle tissue.