Muscle Mass from Antipsychotics?


Has anyone here put on alot of muscle mass from being on anti-psychotics? I am on clozapine which causes weight gain and I lift weights alot so it has just made me more ripped LOL, I am up to 220 pounds almost no body fat, I could play football if I wanted to.


Well that’s a great side effect!

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Last time I tried I could hardly gain any muscles on APs. Good for you.

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I eat like a pig and I’m overweight (not obese, yet). But muscles-wise, I’m on a downward slope.

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Whaaaaat. Thats awesome. Im on abilify and it has not helped me gain muscle at all, ive been going to the gym since i was in the hospital in june and still no results

Maybe you should just give yourself some credit. That said, who knows. There is so much going on in the brain maybe you got lucky side effect. Do know though that muscle growth like from a steroid can affect all muscles like the heart, if you seriously think you’re gaining muscle all over like you suggest, it may be worth getting a doctor to check your heart.

Have you figured out how to wake up in the morning though? I sleep extra on clozapine.

You’re a lucky guy. But I advise you not to share this with a big audience because, for sure, some readers of this forum would like to repeat your “success”, but these pills could harm their health.