Building electric drums :)

im gonna build quiet e drums out of my acoustic kit… ill use mesh and radio shack piezo pickups and Rock Shall Triumph in my apartment! :smile:

anyone ever do this here?

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the drums will be loud and natural on tape tho ya know :slight_smile:

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That sounds hella cool… good luck man!

You could even probably find some software that would let you play it through head phones for practice… something like guitarrig… if the drums are outputting analogy that could be fed into a microphone port… it’s made for guitars… and you kind of have to dig to find the free version(Guitar Player) which doesn’t record…

but hey you’re the one doing the project I’m sure you’ve got your preference in software.

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Yea. I have a midi drum software called bfd by fxpansion. I’ve got a Bonham style Ludwig kit that gets triggered thru midi

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Now you are talking above my head :smile:

Sounds you got the plan on lock down… Let us know when it’s done

If you’re looking for ideas…

It’s a MIDI controller, but it’s one helluva MIDI controller.




Cool :slight_smile: midi is pretty awesome huh