Brother Bought Me a Cool Birthday Gift

It’s a Power Tower.

My kids can plug their phones in to charge (4 outlets)…and it has many outlets (8) for other plugs.

It’s a very useful and functional gift.



That’s really neat!
Why do the power sockets look like they’re afraid of the usb ports? :stuck_out_tongue:


My mother-in-law was visiting the other day and spotted it on our living room table. She wanted one as well.

So I phoned my brother and he ordered another Power Tower yesterday…told me it will be arriving today!..One day shipping! It’s no wonder Amazon founder Bezos makes a billion dollars a minute!


Cute joke, @Miika :sunny:

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ahh, NO. This is plug in, tune out, succumb.

This is Rona, though.

Sorry @Daze but I don’t understand your post. You do have the habit of posting in a cryptic manner quite often.

it’s self-explanatory by the image shown by the original poster.

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