Brintellix - "Trintellix" review

Hello everyone I want to give insights into this new AD medication as I have used previously Lexapro (cipralex) and amitriptyline and bupropion for major depression. I was on lexapro for 3 years, but this SSRI was giving me anxiety, panick attacks, but elevated mood, also had diarrhea and insomnia. 10 Days ago I started to withdraw from Lexapro and had dizziness, high pitch noise in my ear and anxiety.

4Days ago I started Brintellix:
Day 1: no noticeable effects
Day2: Lowered anxiety
Day3: Started feeling calm and having 50% less anxiety, started being more talkative, washed dishes and cleaned the house for 4 hours.
Day 4: Woke up after 9 hours of sleep, (slept badly, mom kept me waking up in the morning) overall, in 1 hour i prepped meal for my grandmother, drank coffee, set a blaze a furnice and started EXECISING first time in 5 months for 2 hours, 50% less anxiety still persisted and 30% anxiety converted into excitement and the rest was 20% anxiety which is really minor. Started listening to new songs, my limb weakness disappeared and started positively daydream about my future, what I am going to do and felt positive.

So far no side effects, besides still consistent insomnia (can be from Lexapro withdrawal still)

I am on 5mg brintellix, one of the lowest dose (maybe I am sensitive to it so it works at this dose)
Worth mentioning that it causes nausea more than other SSRI’s but I did not experience, often reported are headaches and itchiness. I might experienced mild itchiness, but it is just a small part.
It is worth also mentioning it causes least sexual side effects from all SSRI’s (besides bupropion, which actually caused my ED!)
Feel free to ask anything about this med, I will keep updated once in awhile (last target should be in a month, when effects fully settle in)

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Im on lexapro 20 mg, gonna ask to go up to 30 mg.
I will follow This thread.
Is This med a older one? TCA?
How is your mood on This med?

It was approved my FDA at 2013 and appeared in Europe around 2016 gradually, it is atypical antidepressant, it is called serotonin modulator. It helped with my cognition tremendously. I liked lexapro, but it gave me panic attacks, on Brintellix i feel calm or either excited.

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Anxiety is not fun so good If u find a med that works.

With lexapro i had change of apetite, was eating a lot and inconsistently, also had change of taste (maybe due to anxiety?) but now food tastes fine and I do not overeat and enjoy it a lot.

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Wow! Great that you found a treatment that is turning your life around.

I felt so bad for your situation, but it looks like you’ll pull out of it!

Im interested to try this med, its called Brintellix in EU and i live in Finland. Depression test has shown major depression for like eight years in row now and i have had couple of suicide attempts. Serious suicide attempts. Im on Paliperidone injection 12mg/day (Xeplion) + Deprakote 500mg every morning and some antihistamines for sleep (Atarax) Maxium of three pills / day. Not sure can i combine Brintellix to my medication but im interested that Brintellix is AD and Stimulant at sametime. Im suffering from Paranoidic schizophrenia as i have had schizoaffective disorder manic version before also i have had suffered from traumatic stressreaction. I have had problem with drugs in my life but im more than halftime sober of my time. I have used AD:s like Lexapro (Cipralex) , Duloxetine and Venlafaxine before, i was allergetic to Venlafaxine, Duloxetine didnt have strong effect on me and with Lexapro i started drinking much alcohol because Lexapro combined with alcohol made me feel over happy and i didnt get bad hangovers anymore. So, so far only real benefit from Lexapro. Im switching my pdoc at this time and im going to ask Trintellix from my new pdoc, not sure will he/she presprict it to me but im going to talk about it. Interested to hear your thoughts about my situation and Trintellix overall. Wish you the best and im new to this forum as its my first comment here :slight_smile:

Hello, welcome to the forum!

I tried trintellix for 3 weeks and I stopped after it got similar effects to mdma(high) but I was able to sleep. Even it says it does not cause ED it caused me impotence until I stopped. People are reporting strange and annoying itching at some places (like head) it can be distressing. Also people say it causes a lot of nausea (more than others ADs) but I did not experience that. I see the potency of this drug, but I returned to lexapro for now, it causes me insomnia but I can deal with it.