Brexpiprazole Maintenance Improves Psychosocial, Occupational Function in Schizophrenia

SAN ANTONIO, TX—Brexpiprazole was efficacious in the maintenance treatment of patients with acute schizophrenia who met stability criteria, improving and maintaining psychosocial and occupational functioning over 52 weeks, according to findings from a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled efficacy, safety, and tolerability study presented at the U.S. Psychiatric & Mental Health Congress.

"While some akathisia was observed in the stabilization phase, brexpiprazole was overall reasonably tolerated,” reported lead study author Catherine Weiss, PhD, of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc., in Princeton, NJ, and coauthors.

However, the analysis was based on a small number of patients, “mostly due to early termination of the study following the interim analysis,” they cautioned.

Hmm I wonder why they terminated the study early? (Those that did). And look who sponsored the trials…
The makers of rexulti. I’m shocked

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Those dopamine agonists have a mighty placebo affect when it comes to negative symptoms

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I’m on this drug and my functioning has gotten better, I’m not sure if it was this drug which was responsible though.

I can understand the scepticism.