The preclinical profile of brexpiprazole: what is its clinical relevance for the treatment of psychiatric disorders?

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It didn’t exactly get good feedback from a forum user. I was so hopeful about rexulti, and now not so much.

This kind of write-up sounds like an advertisement - and makes me suspect that the researchers here are being paid by the pharma company to do this “research”. I’m skeptical of it. So much of this type of research done by pharma is skewed research that omits the negative data and only highlights the positive. I’d wait for some good NIMH sponsored research on these new medications before forming an opinion one way or another.

Guys , I’ve looked at this , if you want to see its life cycle history , its easy to investigate. To me it didn’t look good , and tbh that’s probably what’s going to transpire.

It typically takes 6 weeks for nerve cells to adjust and for side effects to wear off. We shouldn’t draw too many conclusions unil a few people have gone the full 6 weeks.

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