Breathing problems after taking seroquel


I’ve woke up a couple times felt like I couldn’t catch my breath… but last night i took my meds and 30 mins later i felt like I was drowning… my throat was uber dry and I just couldn’t breathe… It actually scared me… it wasn’t like a panic attacks shallow breathing .it was fuggin terrible being on the verge between woke and sleep didnt help either… anyway what do i do now?. today is sun… should i skip it until i can see my doc? I’m scared to take it again tbh…


I would contact your doctor immediately.
This sounds like an adverse reaction.


what would you do about tonight’s dose? I won’t be able to get ahold of my doc until tomm morning… I usually take it at bed time. I’ve been on it for almost a year so it might be uncomfortable to skip a dose but I don’t feel safe taking it now…


Oh man that’s a tough one.
Can you contact another doctor or nurse?


maybe they have an after hours number that I can leave a message on.


Good idea.
Good luck @flameoftherhine


You’re not drinking or anything with it right? Are you taking a benzo with it?

Sounds like the reaction I got when I drank and then took a benzo once (I didn’t know it was dangerous). Kept waking up gasping it was very scary.

Skipping one dose typically doesn’t cause many issues, except you may find it hard to sleep.


nah no benzos or alcohol… I take it by itself… the rest of my meds i take when I get up.


This happened to me after three years on it. I would describe it as catching my breath immediately after my heart would be thumping hard and either very fast or very slow- like there was actually something wrong, but would last just a few seconds, and I think the two were related. I almost called 9-1-1 the last time it happened… My Pdoc took me off of it immediately. Call your doctor.


If it’s all you have lower the dosage that did the trick for me.