Haldol, breathlessness

Had anyone on haldol had a side effect of breathlessness? Or just getting out of breath way easier than normal?

I’m trying to pinpoint when another health problem started and it’s just occurred to me that maybe my breathlessness on haldol was actually the beginning of my POTS and not actually a side effect of the haldol.

I never got breathless on haldol or seroquel, haldol’s atypical derivative. I was on 10mg of haldol and 300mg of Seroquel at the same time, and still no breathlessness. Have you discussed it with anyone?

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Not yet. It occurred to me like 5 minutes before I wrote this. Figured I’d check here first since I can never get ahold of my pdoc and my next appointment isn’t until mid July.

I haven’t really done any research yet, but I just want to let you know that Rx List says to call your doctor immediately if you have shortness of breath.

I’m not on haldol anymore and the shortness of breath that I do have is from the POTS.

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