Breakdown starting to happen

Okay well I was just searching the web and found this stuff called krampton. It’s like an opiate that is legal that helps addicts get off herion, oxy’s, suboxone, etc. And one of the reviews said “didn’t even need my meds to sleep.” Trigger

Okay maybe im not making a lot of sense right now , but I’m starting to think this world was created for me, and things are happening around me that I’ve thought about before, but never thought could happen. Like this krampton stuff being legal. I’ve thought before a legal opiate would be nice to get off drugs and now it’s true and out there.

I think my buddy was supposed to tell me about this stuff today so I would know what I thought actually really happened just for me.

Plus I saw one of my buddies singing a song in his band a month or two ago, and know I hear the song on the Commercial and think he done that just to ■■■■ with me or something.

I really need help man. I’m trapped in my head although when I see reality fading out of my eyes I’m still trying to stay strong for my family and not have a breakdown in front of them.

Don’t try the kratom…

Side effects include psychosis, hallucinations and paranoia.

If you need help getting off drugs there’s better ways.

Can you call your doc? It might be wise to tell your family you’re not doing OK rather than try to hide it.

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No I can’t seem weak in front of my family. I can hide this really good, even though I’m in a made up world.

I’ve done the studies on krampton and yes it may cause slight withdrawl , but nothing compared to Herion or suboxone. I can take that, if I even stop doing it. If this stuff stay’s legal I will probably keep buying it.

It’s just like legal weed shop’s. Weed became legal and has many strains, now krampton is still legal for the moment and has many strains to help you fight withdrawl and get off drugs.

I’m tired of taking suboxone. I want to wake up and not run to a drug for once and be able to do a benzo if I find it and not fail a piss test.

I’m getting better at hiding this, and making it seem like nothings wrong. I think If I do that it will go away. I just got my shot the other day so we’ll see

Isn’t kratom just a weak opiate?

Well sort of kind of. When you drink Krampton you can feel really focused and energized, and have no pain although different strains do different things, Just like Weed sort of.

Red is for nightime to make you sleepy and nod
Green is a good blend of White and Red I believe and produces some of the best feelings you can get off krampton which includes being more sociable, energized yet focused and relaxed
White is for Morning time to get you energized and feeling great to tackle the day and make you more sociable

I just found this Krampton stuff out tonight but it’s going to be the stuff that get’s me and my wife off suboxone cause box withdrawl is some of the worst you can go through. Last a good Month or even 2 maybe even creeps into 3 month’s. I’ve withdrawed off box before and it last Over a Month and I literally kicked for 2 straight weeks and couldn’t sleep at all. That was the worst I remember, but you have all the other good stuff like coldsweats and the feeling that you can’t bend your muscles enough, Oh and also yawning all the time.

Just stumbled upon this from a friend and he’s hooking me up with a bag tommorow so I can sample it. Just wondered if you can take krampton with box, which some people say it works some people say it doesn’t

If you are already having problems, what makes you think taking a drug for which the side effects are psychosis, hallucinations and paranoia is going to help?

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Twinkle those side effects are very rare if even at all. The most common side effects are irritability and that’s it.

Altough I understand what your saying with my illness and that mixing might not be good, but it’s kind of new and people don’t even know if those side effects are even common. They are more less common side effects

Kratom isn’t new, although it may be new to you. It’s a tree native to southeast asia. It’s no newer than poppies or cocaine or marijuana. New to buying in a US gas station, maybe.

You want to quit suboxone with this unregulated drug that you’ve never tried before that has the potential to cause psychosis, but you’re already unstable.

It’s your life, but since you posted for public comment, I have to say it doesn’t sound like the greatest plan I’ve ever heard.

Why do you have to stop the suboxone right now? Could it wait til you are more stable?


I don’t have to quit box right now, I think me and my wife are just at a point where were tired of taking them and we know the wd from box is going to be bad. So bad no over the counter meds can help us. Now the kratom for example, even if it may cause pyschosis I think I’m willing to give it a shot just to numb the wd’s from box or even maybe lessen them a little.

If you’ve never came off box then you wouldn’t really understand, but it’s bad stuff even maybe more worse or up there with Herion and oxy’s. So I have to get something to ease the wd a little. Know my doctor could wiend me off box, but I think he’s going to kick me out because I take nerontin now and he don’t like that so I don’t know what’s going to happen really.

Just tired of taking box though really. Would be nice to get off them and this kratom stuff from the research I’ve done doesn’t seem that bad at all

Don’t you think your doctor would rather wean you off it than just kick you out and let you do it cold turkey? I mean even if he did want you out, that would be a horrible thing for a doctor to do. Is he even allowed to do that? Can you start weaning off it on your own or do they have to watch you take it?

Yeah I’ve never been on suboxone but it sounds difficult to get off of.

I’m not a doctor, but I suspect your doc would prefer neurontin to kratom.

At least tell them. I know sometimes my doc will not help if I don’t want to do things exactly his way. But other times they have been flexible. Depends.

Actually I don’t think he wants to kick me out cold turkey. I think he would agree to wean me down little by little then when I’m done take the vivitrol shot just one time so I don’t wd and I’m off box.

Yes I’ve actually tried to wean down myself instead of taking my whole dose just take a little in the morning then some in the evening so I can prepare myself and just maybe do it myself where the doc won’t even have to wean me down.

No they don’t watch you dose you get a script then take it home. I’m currently taking between 4/6 mg of box a day. Thinking about going down to 2/4 mg now so I can just prepare myself so I don’t have to go through the nasty box wd.

with kratom u can only get high like 1 time a day…the tolerance builds up fast. I’m on naltrexone which is the pill of vivitrol and it would completely block kratom. its not that strong

I’ve just heard good things about it. I’ve even seen a lady that was on box for 2 years say she weaned herself off box with kratom and now takes it to lessen the wd from box and it actually works for her. 2 weeks clean and she said kratom helped her the whole way and is still working for her

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when I did it the first time it was nice, but then I was just chasing that high and eventually just did it all and it was gone. that’s why unless u have amazing self-control you cant do it.

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oh yeah I heard its good for weaning yourself off. I was trying to get high on it lol. I’m not an opiate user

Well I have a buddy that’s going to give me a bag of it and he explained to me he felt like he took speed and benzos at the same time. I agree the tolerance can build fast just like any drug, but I’m excited to try it though

Although I’ve done some google research and some people said it did work with box and some people said it didn’t

I would have to at least wean myself down to 2/4 which im at currently sometimes and not take box that morning I get up then take the kratom and see how it works

I’m going to take it to get off box though. That’s what Im doing it for, although the high is just the cherry on top