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Hello (I apologize in advance for a long message!<3)

If a person hears voices throughout the day, mumbling with them sometimes but also has the ability to be calm and quiet. Additionally, has the ability to “snap out of it” when being spoken to (one has to emphasize by e.g. raising ones voice a bit and calling his name in a sharp manner to draw his attention away from the pre-occupation of the voices, when this happens he “snaps out” and very briefly focuses on the person speaking can answer questions. When he has his moments of silence i.e. not to intense hallucinations he also initiates very, very brief comments which are normal e.g. “Can you put on that song? Can you pray for me… Do you have x, y, z…? Can I x, y, z…?”

Additionally, he is non-violent to his surroundings. He used to be much more hostile and agitated. Now not (only verbally violent towards the bullying visual hallucinations that appear to him, when he sees them, his eyes get big, he focuses in on their movement as to protect himself, Sometimes he manages to fight them off without shouts, but many times he has to shout, it’s a very loud “AAAAAAAAH!”. The cursing at them he does sometimes afterwards in a lower/normal tone. The visuals are very intense for him but after his shouts they are gone as if he has scattered them away which is a relief for him I assume but in general, it is all very stressful. He only does this when he sees the visual hallucinations not when he hears the auditory. So there is a clear distinction here.

He really is struggling to fight them off and before he goes to sleep sometimes he askes his father if he can pray for him. He is a bit stubborn, trying to evade the topic of discussion when asked about his experiences with the voices, sometimes he answers very briefly.

Oh and to add, he is not on any AP. He tried it about 3 years ago for maybe 1 month when he was hospitalized and has not had it ever since, he refused. His family has not really pushed it after that. Initially, 3 years ago, he was totally psychotic. Even last year he was worse than he is now e.g. in how he coped with the hallucinations. Much more agitated.

But based on that he has these moments of clarity / ability to briefly “snap out” i.e. he is in both worlds, our world and the world of hallucinations simultaneously. Even though mostly in the latter.

  1. I am wondering if this is still being classified as being in a psychotic state/psychotic episode?

  2. And, how common are such visual hallucinations in Sz? What are your experiences?

  3. What alternative remedies would you recommend in this situation (for persons who have chosen to not take APs) to bring relief such as supplements (NAC, Sarcosine, NSAIDs etc. or something else). Especially interested in reduction of positive symptoms. The visual hallucinations causes him to fight the “creatures” off by shouting which is very disturbing to him and the surrounding. HE also has auditory and he talks to them sometimes but the visuals are the most intense and the appear throughout the day. THOSE DAMMED VISUALS HE SEES AND HOW THEY MAKES HIM REACT…HATE THEM! And he is shouting throughout the day trying to fight them off!!!

Maybe worth mentioning/additional info:

a. When the visual hallucinations appear they are very intense for him, his eyes widen and his gaze follow the movements of the entity moving and then he strikes with his shoutings (as if he is firing bullets, I once observed he even tried to kick it with his foot).

b. When the visuals appear and he want to fight them off he also sometimes makes these bodily movements where he puts one hand on his waist and cringes (as when having pain) and put the other hand on the front of his head/forehead and press as if he has pain or something. And sometimes he tries to close his ears.

c. Long before the psychotic episode in 2014 he used to have these intense headaches in the front part of the head (forehead and the temples) for quite some time.

d. When he was about 15-16 (ca 10 years before psychotic symptoms) he also had Tuberculosis. He however had it outside his lungs (which is also possible). Please click here or here to get an idea.
(It’s an enlarged lymph node is the form of a neck lump. The function of the lymph nodes containing cells are that they help the body fight off infections and attack malignant cells, or cancer). I know there is a lot of research about the relation of between mental illness and inflammation/CNS.

e. His short term memory is OK

f. He does dishes, cleans, does simple cooking.

g. He has always been slim, used to always eat like a hoarse, anything and everything but never gained weight growing up. Very slim (for his height) very underweight (malnutrition?).

Any advice?

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