Brain stimulator

Has anyone used brain stimulator to increase memory lerning, depreshion and so on? It cost about 100$ its 2 electrodes you put on different part of your sculpt to emprove your mentall abilities.

If you have what kind of effect are you getting.

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Sounds like snake oil. But I’ve never heard of it or seen such a device. Do you have a link?

1 Like This is a good one without prescription

There is another one with prescription that does the same thing and it is not as good as the braindriver, the name you can do search is Fisher Walece tdcs ( i might have spelled wrong but if you search you will find it)

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The proper medical version of this is trans-cranial stimulation. One of the side effects is memory loss. Sounds like a total scam to me. Don’t waste your money.

An alternative is the Forbrain device. Forbrain has been awarded by the Worlddidac Foundation as the most quality and innovative educational product.

I bought and used this device and it gave good results with respect to my attention and memory.

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They weren’t living a normal life. They were chained to trees in the woods or executed.

You dont have to look further, just look how mentally ill people living now days in poor countrys in the villages.

That’s exactly my point

Thanx for sharing interesting video in that website.

Do you watch national discovery about prison?, most of the inmates have mentall illness and are chained and put in a small cell.

They’re not chained. They get basic human rights in prison still. Our system isn’t perfect by any means, but we are much better off now than we were before medication was invented. And things are getting better every day.

I think it increases your ability to recognize scams.

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Locking and moving to Unusual Beliefs. Not a recognized treatment.

Volunteer moderator.

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