Brain Signals are Altered in Schizophrenia, May Lead to Biomarker

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Yale researchers have discovered that there is a broad disruption of signals while the brain is at rest in those suffering from schizophrenia, and this new research has increased the hopes of finding biological markers for for the disorder. Analyzing brain data that is usually discarded by investigators, researchers at Yale have discovered important details about…


"How variability of brain signals and brain-wide neural disruption
may contribute to symptoms of schizophrenia "

This description make mistakes to go to the actual world
of the inner mental processes which occur in the brain of
schizophrenic individual,
1-the emission of inner voices
causing the variability of brain signals by action of overlap, which in turn
lead to the failure manifestations of the current mental process

i.e the inner voices is the cause of variability of
brain signals and any chemical changing

practically ,if the person in the case of thinking,
and he deal with an idea in his mind
-suddenly,a voice sentence has been emitted internally,

  • the voice wave will be interfering with the signals of mental idea
    -it is collision between two waves
    a-the current brain signals of the mental idea will be variable
    b- the movement of the current mental idea will be stop at once
    c- causing a case of lose communication with current idea
    -cut off the line path between the mind and the context of idea
    d- stop current thinking process, /lose attention /stop the behavior
  • in the same time,lose attention toward the external stimuli
    e- lose ability to deal with the current daily life event,
    -stop all possible mental functions
    f- instead, the person have an implicit communication with the content of the
    audible vocal message {against his self-volition }

i.e the person loses his contact with ;
a-his mind-brain
b- his external world
c-instead, , makes new contact with the audible vocal message…

d- then, a new processes has been starting related the effectiveness of the
audible phonetic wave over the perception of the person…
e-it is possible that there is a 20 interfering process during 60/seconds

the single schizophrenic process is divided into two main processes;
A- cut off the communication between the mind and his current idea,
the events of external world,external stimuli, inner feelings,sensation inputs,memories,
imagination,and the current daily life event
B-make up a new communication with the heard vocal thought,
which clone its content in the memory of the brain against the
self-volition of the person

THE FACT;-the hallucination is the ROOT ORIGIN OF
the disorder for each current mental process,
and that is reverse the medical description of this research

2-the internal situation of the mental processes which occur
in the brain of schizophrenic is more complex and variant
about the simplified description of this research

3-there are several aspects of difference in nature and
mechanism of the mental processes in both of
schizophrenic individual and non-schizophrenic,
including the number,speed,diversity,overlap,
cultural content and cognitive content

4- EMERGENCE of a new type of mental and
psychological processes that does not occur in the
brains of all people who have not sz !!
these new type of process is form the motor
nerve of all aspects of mental,psychological,
emotional,behavioral and biochemical disruption

5-inside the mind-brain of the schizophrenic,
there are increasing of the number of mental
processes higher than the usual rate in any
person non-schizophrenic

6-increase of the speed of mental process within brain of the schizophrenic, over
the average allowable in the brain of non-schizophrenic

7-increase the speed of a sequence of mental processes in brain of the schizophrenic
over the average allowable in the brain of any non-schizophrenic


Atabo - I recommend you watch this video:

How to read a biological research for sz and evaluate its informational content?
-to be briefed by a comprehensive knowledge about the schizophrenia and
related topics,so you can understand the context of the biological research

This research "Brain signals are altered in Sz…},supposed that
schizophrenia is a biological phenomenon "sz is neurasthenic "

before we talking about the content of this research,
we should look out side this research,and focus on the related topics
to see these problematic:
1-diagnosis of sz still depend on the diagnosis of observed behavior,
and there is no lab mechanisms to diagnoses sz because the lack
of biological markers
2- if sz is biochemical disorder in nature or motor malfunction
in the pathways of nerve impulse in brain regions ?
in other words:
Sz is chemical malfunction
sz is motor malfunction

Now we look at the claims of the research

if we ask a question,what is sz
-they answer: it is biological phenomenon
if we sak:
where this phenomenon occurs ?{what is the place of occurrence}
-they answer in the brain
if we ask;
what is the essential nature of sz?
-they say;it is a state of alteration
what are the existential features of this alteration?
they say; variability of brain signals+brain-wide neural disruption
what is the complications of these alterations ?
=they say; may contribute to symptoms of schizophrenia

  • notice that;they do not say,the variability of brain signals
    causing the sz case or its basic symptoms}

the main ideas of this research building on that;
1-brain-wide neural disruption is the root origin
of alteration in the brain signals
2- the forms of variability of the brain signals can be
taken as a biomarker to diagnoses the sz in the lab------(1)
3-symptoms of sz May contribute to motor malfunction
rather than the chemical malfunction
4-sz is a motor malfunction in the pathways of signals movement
in the brain regions
5-they offer a brain map look like the weather forecast maps,
show that the sz body is the dark colored areas in the map