Brain on Fire


Any of you guys watch this movie on Netflix? It’s about someone who gets misdiagnosed schizophrenia. Turns out she just had some impairment of the Anti-NMDA receptor Encephalitis.

Good flick and makes me wonder should I get tested for it.


I watched it. I liked it, but seeing someone go through psychosis made me think I definitely don’t have it and that I should stop taking my meds.

I wouldn’t recommend going off meds. But I would possibly ask for your Dr to test your auto immune system. In this girls cass it was her immune system attacking her brain.

Yeah I think I should get a complete physical because I keep seeing flashing lights in both eyes. My mom said it’s part of sza but I don’t think it is.

I plan on asking my pdoc when I see her next. In the movie her symptoms were very severe (hence the title brain on fire). Also will ask about minocycline.

I’ve had an MRI and a spinal tap since being diagnosed (because of migraines), so I an in the clear for encephalitis. I guess I’m stuck with my sza diagnosis.

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I also had an MRI before they diagnosed me, to rule out physical causes. I thought that was standard procedure for everyone nowadays.

I guess not because I never got one before being diagnosed. Just another thing to suggest to me that my diagnosis is wrong. I stay because I am lonely.

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