Bought a vape pen and it works!

Bought a cbd vape pen 100% legal. It doesn’t get you stoned lol but the effects are somewhat very calming.

I’ve always said no to anything to do with cbd. But yesterday I was in a shop with my carer and she said have you ever tried a vape pen? I said no I prefer a cigarette and she laughed and said no a cbd vape.

I bought one and I think there lovely! Feel calm and less aggregated. Lovely taste to of mango :yum:


Also half the price of cigarettes and would last all day :stuck_out_tongue:

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That is so cool that it works for you. I wish it had that effect on me. I tried one and for some reason it got me really stoned. I guess I’m sensitive to that stuff. Marijuana really reacts badly with me too. I think I have some kind of weird allergy to it or something. Sad too because it’s like a miracle plant for so many ailments.

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