Bought a pumpkin spice muffin

For supper tonight. I am not even remotely hungry. But these muffins are incredible. They have cream cheese icing in the middle. I love pumpkin spice season.
How about you all? What is your favorite fall food?


What exactly does pumpkin spice taste like?? I’m intrigued

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That sounds like pure heaven. :heart_eyes:

Pumpkin pie is my favorite fall food. Just can’t beat it. pretty much anything pumpkin is good though.

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I really want an apple cider donut. :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

I just made some half-assed dairy free crustless pumpkin pies. We only made 3 little single serve pies. I have one in the freezer for me for next week when I reintroduce sugar.


Do you know how pumpkin pie tastes?
Its ginger and cinnamon and nutmeg in pumpkin puree.

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My muffin


Pinterest has millions of pumpkin spice everything. Now like 10 years ago, maybe 12, I handwrite a 100 pagecompositionnotebook of pumpkin recipes for my brother for Yule. He busts it out every October, and the to be wife was introduced to it when they started dating, she asked if I had an OCD problem that I handwrite the whole thing.

Now she knows me personally andshe thinks it’s the coolest gift he’s ever gotten. And she makes about 10 of the recipes every year for him, esp the pumpkin beer nacho cheese ina crockpot.

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