Boredom Boredom

I had a routine that helped; gym, walks, dogs, AA/NA meetings ( which I am at conflict with) , eating healthy , ubering (alleviate boredom & extra cash - I’m on ssdi) …internet , movies and a relationship - of course she eventually left me and I decided to move to a place I thought would offer more but it hasn’t panned out - the new girl friend has left me and the ubering is not worth it , the gym is generic - any way, point is - I need to take action to RE CREATE a new life , once again and all options are on the table including staying put and finding happiness here which happens to be Pittsburgh PA at the moment. I had a sum of money saved up and it’s showing signs of dwindling ( can’t live in a fantasy world! ) — I’ve gained a CDL from the last state I lived in (IL) and have only tried to become employed once and I’m going to a company tomorrow to actually see if I can drive a truck OTR - At least I keep trying to work - I cannot ever find anything PART TIME -nothing at all worth while — I’ve padded up some cash over the years and at this point now, with her moving out with her last belongings and he dog ( a cute puppy I purchased for her (i don’t want another dog)) I feel antsy as I am trying to dwindle down my klonopin so I won’t be doped up for this truck driving endeavor - which I have absolutely low hopes for - I’ll honesty try - I won’t sobatoge but we’ll see… at the moment , materialistically I have everything, and otherwise nothing - I am so utterly bored! and what ever I do to alleviate it seems mundane and a fetch , quite a fkn fetch

Why did you invite me in this thread @anon92220549 ? I don’t get it :thinking:

I usually invite you in long threads who I never read :joy: as a joke

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You are forgiven because tommorow morning i go again to church :church: :latin_cross:


That’s cool that you’re going to try to become a truck driver. I actually thought about doing that when I first got diagnosed with schizophrenia and withdrew from the first university I went to. I thought it would be a good job cuz you don’t have to worry about becoming homeless because no matter how much you get paid you can sleep in your truck. I’m not sure how you would get you’re meds though while traveling across the country. There’s probably a way to do it but I haven’t looked into it. It’s a good thing that I didn’t do it because it took me 6 times to pass the behind the wheeel driving test for a basic drivers license, and I realized I’m terrified of driving.

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i cannot drive they not allow me due to my disability

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