Bored with no motivation

Anyone else here get bored but do t feel like doing anything at the same time. I feel like this a lot. Instead of just starting to do something I lay in my bed and do nothing. Or browse Facebook and Twitter.


Yep! I hear you. Got prime, netflix and everything else with a couple hundred games. And i still sit here bored shitless.

Im craving company more than any tv or video game, but with lockdown for months it has driven me nutty being isolated lol.


Same here, I’m like this, I just started watching an series right now but the browser keeps crashing so I am again using the forum.

I feel it’s bad to constantly be glued to a screen, especially social media - but sometimes, you really do feel like you can’t help it :confused:


Aim to do something for five minutes and build on it maybe


I want to do things I used to do but cant due to severe negative symptoms. Work, continue university master etc, gym, hangout again with my friends etc Now we just talk on video chat. They all work some make lots of money Drs etc, I am jealous of them.

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I don’t have negative symptoms
But I get positive symptoms and a lot of anxiety

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Usually I’m like this but today I’m trying to change my habits! By baby steps :s

For example went for walk and tidying room atm


I get fatigued/depressed if I spend too much time online, but this forum is ok.

The more “quiet” my online activity is, the better it is for my psyche. Surfing or rambling through searchengines and the likes is bad for me, so I’m trying to always have a plan before I go online now.


I did pretty many things today but yes I still get bored.
This lockdown is kind of getting to me.

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I’m always bored but don’t feel like doing anything.


Same here. I think I’ll have more fun being dead

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I am currently suffering from this, yes. I want to do something, but when i approach something to do, even if it is something i would usually enjoy, i have no motivation to do it. Makes me feel quite depressed to be honest.


i don’t feel bored much anymore… i don’t have much motivation but i do my routine and it doesn’t make me feel bored.


Yep, in the morning i have got energy and do practical stuff, chores, the rest of day i struggle with no motivation at all. I cant read and lost all of my hobbies.

All i can do is sit and listen to music and fight the craving for alcohol with alco free beer.

I know it will be better in spring, where there is light, and isolation is over and i can work in my allotment.


Yeah. I’ve been drinking a lot more recently. Seems like it’s the only thing that helps time pass. It’s not good though because I have to hide it from my parents. So I’m always a little extra nervous. Total buzz kill

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What sort of routine do you have? I can’t even think of stuff to do for a routine.

well, i get up at 9:06, i take my meds, then i pee, i eat some special K cereal. Then i go to the bathroom and brush my teeth and wash my face.
After that i watch something on tv, then i play “truck driver” for like 40 minutes. I eat lunch and take my meds, after lunch i watch a movie with my dad and then one episode of a series that we are watching currently. After that i watch an episode of anime with my bf abroad. After that i have din dins and after din dins i listen to music and browse the forum here. Then i go to bed and watch some tv with my mum. Then i take my meds and go to sleep once i get sleepy.

On wednesday i also take a shower after movie time and on sunday i take a bath after movie time.

Also once a month mobile team girl comes to take me out for a walk, that is usually on a monday. But since she sick currently i don’t go out much.

That is my routine more or less


ah yea, and every 2 weeks on wednesday during movie time gp doc comes to give me my depot injection.


I get up at 9am usually. Eat cereal then I’m just on my phone for a while. Thinking of things to do but never doing anything. I just got the discovery channel app. So I’ve been wasting time with that. My favorite show is Deadliest Catch

ah yea i like deadliest catch too =)
used to watch that a lot in the psych ward.