Book - 'The Highly Sensitive Person'

Thought this might be helpful for some.


Thanks - I like me some self-help books at times. Not heard of this one before. Ill prob get it on audible.

Had some audible credits left - and its available on the uk site. Thanks. Thats my listening for bed time. I can probably share a self-help book if your new to audible? Ive got 26 in the library.

I don’t have audible. Is it expensive?

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I am interested but it was published in the late 90’s.
That’s a while ago.

I have that book it was recommended by my therapist

8 GBP Pounds a month for 1 credit. But it dont matter if the audiobook is more than that. You get a month free with one free book when you sign up. You can easily cancel beforehand. If your US i think its 15 dollers?

I may order it on my phone.
Thanks @NutsAboutU

I am definitely a highly sensitive person.

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PM me your email address. I may be able to send it to your for free!

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Thanks @Naarai but I already bought it.

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If anyone else wants a copy of this book PM me. Your allowed to give the first one away. It will send you an email link.

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