Book Review: Ben Behind His Voices

Ben Behind His Voices- By Randye Kaye.

I just finished the last chapter of this amazing journey and so much of it sound’s like what we have all gone through.

We as caregivers have swelled with pride at our loved ones triumphs and cried when set backs happen. We remain hopeful yet cautious. We have to live everyday as it comes because there’s just no telling what will happen tomorrow.

It’s not just the story that is heart warming, it’s also how it’s presented. There are key points, and resources interwoven into this amazing book. It’s like sitting down with a friend and comparing notes.

Randye is a single Mom juggles her job and trying her best; learning as she goes and most of trying to be as open minded and loving as possible as she tries to help her son recover,and come back to her out of this illness and still have time for her daughter.

This author is very open about what has frustrated her, what has helped her, and what has made her stick by her son as he struggled with Sz, and at times defiantly decided he wasn’t ill and didn’t need help.

I enjoyed the story; sad parts and all. Not only am I a bit more hopeful after reading this book, I also feel like I learned something again.

I hope others enjoy this book as much as I just did.


Sounds like a good read. Thanks for posting.

Thanks so much for posting your book review - I hope others will follow your lead.

Randye Kaye has many good Youtube videos and conveys a very good sense of hope to all families battling this illness:

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