Bone marrow

I read some articles that affirm that bone marrow could be effective to reduce or eliminate schizophrenia symptoms? What do you think about?

Never heard this and don’t think it works, sz is chemical imbalance in the brain and not really brain cells loss. Post a link to your articles and I will read them.

Yes. But it’s just one guy. It made the news. It’s very interesting.


Interesting but the patient had myeloid leukemia, I don’t know how that affects the brain. Also they say:

“We could not exclude the possibilities of spontaneous improvement without any treatment, paradoxical improvement following cessation of neuroleptics, and the curative effect of multiple immune modulating drugs.”

There is always exceptions where one patient is healed from schizophrenia. If bone marrow really worked for most schizophrenics Drs would use it to treat schizophrenia. Maybe you can have a good discussion about it with your psychiatrist, I do this often with my psychiatrist, he even told me all the schizophrenia history since the first antipsychotic discovered in 1952. He told me not all treated patients were able to function in soceiety because of untreatable negative symptoms.


Why do we accept propaganda that promotes healing from SZ,while it is much less than our conviction to recover from headache with Aspirin ?

Why do we comply with the wisdom that says: “reducing and improving the severity of the symptoms”,instead of complete disappearance of the symptoms and final recovery from sz ?

Why do we accept therapeutic insufficiency and its side bad effects without blame,instead a charges are brought against the person’s behavior and its biology which refuses to responses to the current treatment ?

If the sz was a known disease,cause and mechanisms
Why there is endless controversy about the lack of a complete cure condition through the current medications? Even we have come to an alleged claim that:
Eradication the sz from the human nature by surgery as appendectomy-for example !

So the transplant rebooted his immune system. And then ge got cured. Very interesting

Brings up the idea of disease and inflammation again


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Interesting. Pretty extreme solution though.

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There have been only three cases thus far, and a published call for more evidence. It’s very interesting.

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I’m not a doctor but i think this could be the right way to cure schizophrenia. I think that unfortunately most years wil pass before to use bone marrow transplantation for schizophrenia.
What do you think about?

My sister suffer from schizophrenia and the last blood’s exames result a low levels of platelets (equal to 150.000). Your level od platelets in the blood are normal or are low?

When I was first diagnosed, I read somewhere cancer can cause psychosis.

Normal platelets.

If you ask the bone;
How do you feel yourself and the existence around you?
-The marrow is inside me and the meat surrounds me on every side,I don’t know how the world that exists behind this meat !

But,if you ask a person with sz;
How do you feel yourself while you feel the schizophrenia inside yourself ?
It is difficult task and very complex