"Body Language" who does who doesn't?

If I could I’d make a poll… Who does etc

I never got what my schizophrenic sister was going on about until a couple of years after she died
I’m interested because I don’t know some people might have this experience from using drugs
But I never did until my schizophrenia moved up a few notches in terms of severity
I had been psychotic for about a year all told (initial break plus 2x brief 6 weeks in hospital) all this before 1.5 yrs hospital over 3 years and worsening schiz
I don’t like to call it body language because it’s misleading and inaccurate but oh well
Is it a severity thing? Do addicts with no mental health problems specifically get it as well?

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What are you talking about? Sorry but who does what? I don’t understand…


Not quite sure either what you are referring to but here is the code for a poll. I think you still have time to edit this in.

Thank SzAdmin not me though :grin:


Have that symptom

I think psych would call in thought transference ( reading body language very intensely )

Which symptom? Everyone has body language

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That’s what I said to my sister before I understood when it happened to me

I don’t usually have it now I get the odd infrequent flash of it

Thanks x
Time ran out

Sorry, I didn’t see the thought transference thing. Thought transference is a symptom of sz but I have never experienced it personally. Don’t think I can help… sorry. Maybe someone else can.

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I only just worked out it is called that, when trying hard to put it into writing
I know I only had it with I believe worse symptoms of delusions and behaviour etc etc etc
Before that it was all the paranoia, in earlier episodes
Government or ravers out to get me and tons of voices

“In psychiatry, thought broadcasting is the belief that others can hear or are aware of an individual’s thoughts.” (from Wikipedia).

Ah I hate being able to read people’s body language. I mean it’s a highly uncertain game, but watching the environment. Who is moving where and what they are looking at. What I’m doing and what I’m looking at. Then people’s real time responses. It’s a fucken mess of crappy feedback I wish I could ignore. I try pretty damn hard, but still some things are obvious.

With the telepathy delusion/hallucinations dealing with people in conversation is a major pain. My mind automatically reads their inflections due to my expressions and statements and vice versa. Feeds off my own bias of who I automatically determine there characters to be.

Just got back from an auto-repair place. Friendly folk. People who like to work on cars love working on cars. Work you love = happy life. All the same. It’s awkward with the SZ. By the end of it the guys were calling me “bro” and “buddy,” but still I wish their job was done by robots.

Always learn something getting car repairs done.

Yea I’m not talking about thought broadcasting
IBelief people can read your mind is not what I’m talking about

Yeah, I think we’re getting at the same thing
To be clear? Is like sentences from the move of a shoulder like clear mind to clear mind - all over - trippy sheet

Yeah it seems like a rare symptom… I’ve definitely got it. Weird telepathic subtitling to everything I take interest in.

No sound to it. Just the understanding. Strange as crap.

It’s like visual telepathy?isnt it ?

Are you medication compliant?

hah that’s a negative. Was on meds for the first couple years. Didn’t even dent my symptoms.

So I’m just trying to forget about it when I can and hope for the best.

The no meds road is a bit different. For a while I’d intentionally induce relapses to get a sense of how bad things could be and how I responded to certain things.

Worst come to pass. There is a devil and I’m inescapably damned to hell. Might as well just try to live well either way.

Hate the negative symptoms and side effects of meds. Working on getting totally sober. Gotta quit the nicotine again. I went 6 months without it out of the last year. Stress and exposure brought me back to it.

I have a crap load of coping mechanisms otherwise. Fight the anxiety, then the focus, then try to see things normally. Derealize the unreal.

Without meds I’m disabled in every sense of what is possible with this illness it seems
I could not do it

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Hang on! Do you retain insight???!!! Or do you sometimes have it?
It’s difficult to imagine
Although I lose all insight almost all of the time when unwell - I’ve once asked someone how long since they were last in hospital and told him he had insight to know he’s schiz and in hospital but I don’t think that counts - very few occasions like that in a year in hospital

I maintain it pretty well. Yesterday was tough and I couldn’t figure out why. But I’ve been stimulant free aside from nicotine for a while now.

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