Body dysmorphia

Do you suffer from schizophrenia or psychosis @BringMeCoffee?
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Hey! I suffered from a very long psychosis.


The only reason I wanna stop my medication is to lose weight and get back to my natural body. As a male also that size and the appearance of my thingy is also a serious issue.

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You look fine. You have nothing to worry about as far as attractiveness goes. It does seem like you’re suffering from low self esteem. Maybe you could find some experienced therapist who you feel like could help you with that.

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I can relate there are many things that I dislike about my body.
And as someone who is trans it seems to only amplify my problem

It’s hard to find things to love about myself some days. I find it harder if I have to look at myself for a long time.

But I keep working on ways to love myself mainly by forcing myself to say nicer things about myself even if I don’t fully believe it. It actually really has helped me in the long run.

Please be kind to yourself

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I believe its way more hard for trans people. :frowning: I know my post is about how I dislike myself… but I need to say to you ((it sounds simplier than its done) LOVE yourself, even on these hardest days… for me its hardest when the day is overall bad, stressful - to look into the mirror and accept myself. :confused:
So yeah, I also believe self love is a long long journey.(but the more effort we put to love ourselves - the closer we are to the destination).


I think dysmorphia has a lot to do with what dinemson you live in. Meaning if your world is social media it might be hard not to be influenced how people on social media look. The funny thing is that it’s not representative, neither the way they look or the people who thrive on posting on social media. It’s a game for those who want to participate. I’m not going to be presumptious, but I have a impression a lot of these people who base their social media activity on their appearance have narcissitic traits.

The world was easier in many ways before internet and social media. People had more easy to reach goals as how to be and look. I’m not saying dysmorphia didn’t exist pre internet, but it has definitly become a growing problem.

I think in the real world most people rate personality first and looks secondary. It’s not how you look, it’s who you are. That’s my opionion.


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