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mi mi mo mossom, @Blossom ! Hi. Hey, since I have you here, I was wondering…you know those dry cat food gravity feeders that you fill the reservoir and as the little kitties eat the food it comes down and fills the bowl again? Well does the food in the reservoir stay fresh? I was thinking about getting just a little one because my Kitty Kins always has an empty bowl when I wake up and I thought bigger bowl vs. gravity feeder. Any experience or insight you have would be appreciated.


Hey! I actually haven’t used a gravity feeder before. But I assume the food inside would stay fresh, at least mostly fresh.

We use two big bowls that we got from Walmart. They were only 50 cents each! And they do the job. We just refill the bowls when they get low, putting the “old” food left at the bottom on top of the fresh food, to try to get them to eat all of the food from the previous refill.

I think these are it:

What’s nice about the big bowls, is we can fill them to the top before leaving town for a few days, and we don’t have to worry about them running out of food or water. (We have two ceramic bowls that we bought a while ago, from a pet store, that we use for their water. They are pretty big and heavy for cat bowls.)

We used to feed the cats three times per day, on a schedule, but one of our kitties would just inhale the food and barf it afterward. Keeping a constant supply of food helps him not eat as quickly. He still barfs sometimes, but much less often.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help for a gravity feeder. :slight_smile: But I hope you find a good solution for you kitty.

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My Miss Piggy just lies across her feeding machine waiting for more to fall through. She’s got issues.


Thank you anyway. Have a terrific day honey.

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@sweetpotatofries that’s funny. That’s probably what Jaba da Kitty Kins would do.

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after, the jabba years


Miss piggy sitting on a box of chocolates.


Wowsa, that’s a healthy Miss piggy fo sho.

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She tubby. No two ways about it. Chonky. Big boned. Phat. All that.

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