Blood tests

I live next to the hospital and their lab, and in this year I have had to go to the lab and have blood tests very frequently. Because I am poor, it is good that these tests costs me nothing. Occasionally I have also a chance to chat with other people who wait their test blood to be taken. Have you gone to any blood tests? Many years ago I also went to the HIV blood test and my test result was negative, had to be very careful at the time. Have you gone to any HIV blood tests?

The hospitals always do some blood tests when I go there or when I’m brought there. I think that my white blood cells have come back as elevated every time I’ve been hospitalized. I also had some tests done several months ago when I went in to see an orthomolecular doctor. Sure enough, my white blood cells were found to be elevated again. Also, my blood sugar was found to be slightly high, and my vitamin D level was found to be low. I tried taking vitamin D recently and was on it for about 3.5 months, but I’ve discontinued the vitamin for now because my hypersomnia seemed to get worse than it was at baseline while I was taking the vitamin.

I haven’t been tested for HIV, though, at least not as far as I know. I can’t think of any reason why I might be HIV positive.


yes, i got tested for HIV because of drug use and sharing a needle (which was stupid ). i had to get the test to get a visa .
this is why i now live in Australia, where the only culture you can find is on the top of the yoghurt !
take care

i just had my blood taken yesterday morning, 3 vials, she said she was going to test my liver, kidney function and my glucose and blood sugar levels i think, i hate when the needle goes in and you can see the blood spurting into the vial, the needle is the worst but she was very professional about it and said i was being very brave, it was my third ever blood test and i get the results on monday.