Blocking posters

Many forums have the ability to block posts from certain posters . It would be good if these forums did.

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you could like most people if u try

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Even those who have a proven track record of being deliberately hostile towards you ?

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That would be a feature that I could get behind! It would save a lot of nonsense.



Would that block them from even posting? Or would that make so specific people didn’t see specific people?

The latter…

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that would be nice, we could screen the nonsense, and those who want to discuss what they think is normal can get back at it, and others of us could skip it

This is a feature they are talking about adding to this software - but its not available yet. Perhaps later this year. I agree that it would be a good feature and I’ve recommended it as a good feature.


with all the open source and message boards available, why this format? it’s unusual. is it home grown custom especially for this website?

No, its new (and open source). But because its new - other than the very important features of being fully mobile friendly, and with inifinite scroll, etc. - which are very important since about 40% of our users are mobile / smartphone users, but some features aren’t there yet.

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if it’s open source I haven’t used it yet in an office setting. perhaps its part of the wiki-type software and we just have never used it