Is there a way to block certain users?

There’s one individual in particular that I can’t abide seeing their posts :see_no_evil: Not trying to be mean, but it’s affecting my daily outlook seeing their posts :expressionless::expressionless:

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No there isn’t.

Joyyy! Guess I’ll have to get over it!

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@spiderpig I thought I saw an ignore option. Under settings , notifications, there’s a muted box

Nope there is no ignore option. You can mute notifications from a user but that’s about it.

There is no way of doing this with this program.
I’ve brought it up before.

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Thanks anyways guys! Didn’t know it had been brought up before :sunglasses:

Oh, that sucks. I put someone on mute about a month ago thinking that the user couldn’t respond directly after me and vice versa.

I think that would be a great self-help tool.

I wonder who it is

I don’t think it would be nice of me to name names :see_no_evil:


True very true there’s a user on here that bothers me when they post certain things too .

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Hi mam… Do you like to say openly? It may helpful for that user.

They don’t want us blocking the moderators,lol.


There have been plenty of users who have muted the moderators :joy_cat: One user has delusions about me and apparently gets triggered just by seeing me post. We had another who muted 75% of the mod team.

We don’t mind if we’re muted and wouldn’t mind if we were blocked, but users have to know that they’re still treated as if they’ve read what we’ve said, even if they haven’t.


I have the proud distinction of having banned @SzAdmin once!

It was my finest hour.



Spiderpig you can flag certain users if you don’t like what you read about them or their posts

[ struts around room ]

I wish, my way of muting them is just skipping over there posts when ever I see there profile pic or name.

Can’t you skip over that person’s posts? That what I do when someone’s posts irritate me. Every time I see a post with their name on it I just skip over it.

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So how do you mute people? I don’t know how to do that. What does it do anyway?