Blind to gender

BBC news as a matter of fact. :joy:

I’m pretty sexually fluid. On the LGBTQI spectrum but I don’t think anyone can wrap me up with a red bowtie and place a beautifully written label on the present.

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The news article is about an NHS trust choosing trans-inclusive terms, not about trans people trying to control the words cis people use about themselves. You are just rehashing TERF rhetoric.

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I like the term gender spectrum, because it is an accurate description. It is simply an observation of the obvious. There are no lines to divide one persons sexuality from another, for me gender is fluid. I consider myself 80% straight and 20% interested in trans gender

Does that make me gay? Of course not. It just means I like women shoes LOL


Sexuality is complex.
Sexually fluid.
I see now what psychiatry has done, they have used these Words in other contexts, when in reality they are just wording my sexuality? Quite mad but im not gonna be.

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I’m 100% supportive of transgender struggles for legal recognition etc, and I sympathise with large chunks of queer theory and postgenderism, but I do have a question, an open question I guess. Given that transitioning relies partly on advances in medical technology, transwomen will, presumably, be more ‘femenine’ looking in the future (unless they choose otherwise for a host of potential reasons), and transmen will be more ‘masculine’. How does this impinge on current trans identity, if at all? Perhaps @ninjastar has some insights on the topic?

Why do you join these threads with that attitude? Your stance on trans issues is well known and you offer nothing to the conversation using laughing emojis and words like “complaining”. You could broaden your mind and ask why terms like birth parent are important, but instead you come in locked and loaded ready to start conflict. Why?


I was just stating what was on the news this morning. You may not like it but it wasn’t me complaining at the end of the day was it.

Wasn’t it though?

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No ? I wasn’t complaining. I’m quite happpy being called mother to my child. And also calling it breast feeding. Which in case your wondering…I will be doing.

Within the trans Community, there is a spectrum within a spectrum.

There is the guy who likes trying on his wife’s panties when she’s not home, all the way to the full-blown gender reassignment surgery.

I don’t believe people have Choice over their sexuality, any more than they have control over what colour of eyes they were born with

I think the advances in medicine are great. Not everyone wants to medically transition, but better options for those who do would be a good thing.


How I would have scored in the 1950s… Things are now far more complex.

California psychological inventory.

California psychological inventory 1956

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