Bleeding - not period bleeding

I get occasional burning sensation and bleeding up back there and this is too much info but can feel a painful skin growth there too.

Go get a physical check-up, Ish. You’ll feel less stressed getting that out of the way.


Some more information @Ish?

im not stressed its just PAINFUL.

Doctor @Ish …

Sorry to hear this. Please share it with a doctor MD. Take good care!

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That sounds like either a really bad yeast infection or an STD. You need a doctor for that.

See a doctor. This is an extreme example, so don’t think it’s likely that this is what’s going on with you, but irregular bleeding was the first sign of my best friend’s endometrial and ovarian cancer.

Figure out what’s causing it, and be persistent with the doctor until you have a solution.

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You said “back there”. Do you mean your bum? If so, sounds like a hemorrhoid. I got one after birthing my child.

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You need to see a doctor about that @Ish

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Hi @Ish Ish,

I have been reading your posts for sometime. You come across as a bit depressed. I don’t really know the reason for your depression but I do have a hunch. It seems like you don’t get along with your family who seem too overly controlling and dominating.

I too have had a similar family with whom I have practically disowned due to various reasons which I don’t want to talk about.

But the bottom line is that I am happy and so are my family.

I just wanted to say something - If you really feel you would be happier away from the family you should take the initative and disconnect from them. You are an adult now and please be an adult. But it has to come from you, noone would do that for your sake.

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I know this happens from eating overly spicy food. That’s what they say from where i come from :eyes:

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