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Ok Forumers Hopefully e(Y)e’ll Get Some Sort of Response … ,

Good , Bad, and (OR) Indifferent … ,

Could be Helpful … ,

Quick Question : If Someone Laughs (OR) Mocks at tha Death of Your Animalistic Best Friend , , , First off What Does that Even Mean (???) , Second off How Should One Respond (???) , , ,

In a Safe Way of Course … ,

ALSO What Does that Say About That Individual (???)

Ok There’s My Quick Question , (OR) Questions , , ,

Hope to Hear From You Aliens Soon (!!!)

They are dicks…I would just avoid them…and I’m sorry for your loss…

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Anyone who mocks the loss of a beloved pet is someone I’d steer clear of.

I don’t know what kind of person would mock at you for mourning a loss like that… how mean.

I’m sorry for your loss

Mocking any death human or animal is one of the worst things a person can do, I would never bother with a person who did that.

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