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Blackouts? Memory loss?


Okay so this isnt new really but last night I had an argument and went to leave the situation but now, after waking up, I have hardly any memory of it at all. BIG chunks are missing and of what I can remember, I cant remember a word of what was said. People’s mouths are just moving, including my own.

Anyone ever had this happen? I was just put on Geodon recently (1 week) but Ive always had memory issues just not to this extent. I’m talking big chunks of conversation I remember having but dont recall at all. (I know odd way to put it.)

And it probably goes without saying but I have schizophrenia.


Were you drinking a lot? Or having auditory hallucinations?


No, Ive been sober for years. I’ve been active though recently. Auditory/visual. Things have been weird since the Geodon and previously I had taken myself off my meds (I know, bad thing to do).


I’m just think that if you were getting a lot of auditory hallucinations during the arguenent it might cause a problem with menory. But it’s just a guess


Do people normally not remember those?


I’m out of ideas


Maybe the atavan. Though its never done that before.

Anyway, thank you so much for replying so quickly. I really appreciate it.