Black people marrying white people

My white friend (female) is in love with a black man. They are talking about getting engaged but they are waiting. (Till they get out of college I think.)

I really hope that I keep in contact with her. I really hope that they work out she has children. Hopefully I can observe them as they grow up. I am so interested in how mixed children turn out. Black and white people tend to have different genetic tendencies in some things. I absolutely adore genetics and I am really excited to see what genes are expressed. It isn’t really interesting to me when two people of the same race have a kid. I don’t know why. Maybe it is because I am around so many white people all the time that their features are less interesting to me?

I saw one mixed couple at an airport restaurant one time. I was with my family and I didn’t want to weird them or their children out but I was so interested in the genes (at least visibly) that the two girls exhibited. I think now that they might have been twins. They both had blonde hair and pale skin. I was staring (and probably weirded them out even more than if I had asked) but I was so fascinated.

My friend comes form a large city so the genetics are more varied there. I come from a small/medium sized genetically stagnant town. I really wish we had some mixed couples there. I think that it would greatly improve the gene pool if we had some mixed marriages. It seems all the white people there are related (even if just distantly) to each other. But then again I wish we knew more about genetics in general to the point where we could determine good genetic matches. Hopefully that will happen one day and go hand in hand with people accepting children with a different mother or father than their partner for the good genetics. We can already implant eggs into women. They can go through the pregnancy bonding stuff and everything.

Part of my fascination with how genetics interact is because I have noticed that certain diseases tend to run in families. My family tends towards cancer and mental illness. I think that an optimal breeding program would help get rid of this. I’m not talking about forcing anyone, just having the option available. I know that if I could find an egg to match with C who would be a good genetic match would make me even think about having children. I am not sure how easy it is to pass on sz, but I have sza (I don’t know if the depression is based on different genes than the sz). I also have the ausburgers indicators and (if I remember right) autism has a 50% chance of being passed on. Also I don’t have any idea how severe the sz or sza would be for them if it is passed on.

I think that the reason mixed children are so fascinating to me is the differences between black and white features (the skin tone and hair mainly) make it so much more interesting to me. I hope no one here takes offense to my odd curiosity. My friend was fine with it. Her boyfriend’s family already has a mixed marriage. I think that she is just happy that I think it is so cool. She gets a lot of negative reactions from other people. I think that there is also the fact that my Dad told me one time about a term- “Heinz 57” (spelling?) where a person has a little bit of everything in them (black, white, asian, ect.) I thought it was really cool and thought that was me, but my Dad said we didn’t have any black in us. I think that all our ancestors are white European and/or east European. Lots of different European countries in there, but not much else, if anything. I was pretty disappointed.


Coolbeans! I post on the apricity, an anthropology forum. It’s worth checking out for sure if your interested in genetics/European history.

Have you ever done a DNA test? I got one from 23andme. They’re not expensive at all. I got interesting results! I’m 0.2% SSA (Sub-Saharan African)! All the rest a Euro-mutt.

Take care!

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I know most of it. My last name is English (though funnily enough English is probably the smallest share of my genetics) Irish, Scottish, and 1/4 Croatian. Our whole family on my Dad’s side (including me) went to Croatia and didn’t see much of a resemblance. We were thinking of going to where we think we came from before then. Where Czechoslovakia used to be.

We took a look at my first cousin A and then back at our Croatian cousins (I think he was holding a picture of them for some reason) and Dad said he could see it. He thinks we can’t see it because we are looking at ourselves. Like a kid can’t sometimes see their resemblance to their Grandmother.

It didn’t help that everyone in Croatia was really really tall. My cousin A is really tall and he was still a little shorter than just about everyone there.

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Fascinating! Thanks for sharing! Have you ever been to Dubrovnik? I’ve been meaning to go there, looks way cool!

I have four cousins that are half Korean.

Thats pretty cool…I have 2 white euro races and 2 native tribes. My wife had 3 white euro races and 2 native tribes including English in one of the tribes going way back (Official Pocahontas genealogy).
So the kids are 5 white euro races and 3 different native tribes!
But we also did ancient ancestry and there is Egyptian, Irish, Scythian (Russian) and Sumerian in there…


Actually we did. We went to see the house my Great Grandmother came from. She lived there.

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My cousin is Indian, his wife is Chinese. They are amazing and have a child together. At about 2 he understands little of Manderine, Gujarati and English. Love him. :smiley:


What an interesting thread this one is !

I am a pure Chinese. I am more interested in cultural differences than genetic differences. I have experienced cultural change in my soul during my stay in Australia as an immigrant. That feeling was strange and even painful. I missed Chinese culture and was nostalgic when I lived in Australia and then when I came back to China I missed Australian culture so much and the nostalgia to Chinese culture broke suddenly. So I think I am like a sandwich, being caught with two cultures. This is very uncomfortable for me. Experiencing the change of the taste of culture is awful.

How I wish to meet someone who has a similar experience of changing taste of cultures to mine!

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:frowning: I never thought of that even happening.

What I really hate is when people come up for mean terms for someone who acts “acts like they are a different race”. I don’t know why I was thinking about that today. I think one for a black person who “acts white” is oreo. I hope it is one because it would be an easy one to counter. Everyone loves oreos. It would definitely be easy for me to get after someone for not loving oreos. Oreos are freaking awesome. I know that wouldn’t really address the problem, but maybe it would make them think twice about saying stuff like that.

I’ve heard “banana” on King of the Hill (Kahn got called that by some well to do Asian guy (Ted) who he really looked up to and he went kinda nuts and tried to make everything in the house like his house in Laos was. He ended up realizing that trying to prove how Asian you are was stupid and I think telling Ted to stuff it and went back to the way he was living before, which was how he liked to live). I’m not so fond of bananas (the fruit of course). I would have a harder time with that one than oreo.

Once more, yelling at someone about oreos might not help enlighten them or anything but I think it would definitely make them think twice about saying things like that. Especially around me. I have been told that I very often make no sense. I hope to use that in a situation like this to intimidate the other person. I mean if I’m going to be nuts I might at well get some mileage out of it.

(Just so you know I’m not saying nuts in a put down way. I like making jokes about my sanity. It’s one of those things that someone can’t make a joke about you on that but you can make on about yourself. My favorite was [I don’t remember where it came from] but someone asked if their [wife I think] was insane and the doctor said "we prefer the term mentally hilarious. I like to think that my jokes are funny and people get a “I feel kinda guilty for laughing at this but it is so funny” feeling. I don’t think I am very successful. C doesn’t think it is funny at all so I have stopped telling them to him.)


Hi, onceapoet, I think this is a complex issue to address. Joking is good but joking doesn’t clarify things. I am still in shock of the cultural conflicts in my soul but I don’t think I am a 100% banana. Maybe 70% of the white culture and 70% of my Chinese essence. I am still learning western culture though.

I’m of European origin and my husband is of Indian origin, so its a nice mix :smile:

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What state do you live in? Just curious.

My father is Mexican/ Scottish. My Mother is Irish/ Jamaican from our Grandma Mia and Japanese from our Grandpa Kie. My family is mixed race. Or “Heinz 57” as it was put. Through history, marriage, adoptions, we have a connection to almost every nation on this planet. It’s not something that gets contemplated very much with us.

I guess if you do see my entire family all together it might be a bit surprising. I’m never surprised by how diverse my family is, just how large it is.


I was raised in western white culture and was even unfortunately exposed to racism. I always was drawn to environmental issues and close to the earth, and spiritual. later in life I began to explore my Native American culture and that fit perfectly, so i easily flowed right into it. I have lived on Indian reservations and lived that culture, which is in some aspects similar to eastern spiritual cultures that follow Buddhism. the letting go of negative things, living in the moment, and experiencing the flow of energy from the earth and in the body.
there are also the cultural customs of not being wasteful, gift giving and hospitality which is greatly lacking in western culture which often is much more self centered and wasteful.
thankfully many non Native people in western culture are adopting the old native ways. the western natives here after all originally came from Asia and the eastern natives, some came from Europe and the mid east, mainly Egypt… so Native Americans are a mix themselves, with more Asian blood in the west, and a variety of mixed blood on the east coast. Plus they long ago met in the middle so you have both bloodlines mixed…

Oh, I didn’t mean joking about cultural issues or race issues. I was talking about joking about my mental illness. I wasn’t joking about the oreo thing either. I didn’t realize it came off that way. I’m sorry. What I was trying to convey would go nuts on some one so they would keep their stupid prejudiced mouth closed.

My Grandmother says she doesn’t mind people of other races but she is against mixed marriage. She had absolutely no reason for it except just her personal preference or something? I really don’t understand it.

My white friend and her black boyfriend (who is what a lot of black people around here would call ‘trying to be white’) have even gotten kicked out of a grocery store. He is a really nice guy and very smart (pre med major). From talking to my Grandmother I have come to realize or at least think there is no reasoning with these people. They are not going to change their minds no matter how good or how seasonable how factual your arguments are. Having realized I can’t reason with them I will settle for scaring/freaking them out to the point where they keep their prejudice to themselves. They aren’t going to change but at least other people don’t have to hear it.

I believe in love. All kinds of love.

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I have family on my dad’s mom side from that area, I’m also Irish on dad’s dad and mom’s mom side, but mixed with German on mom’s dad side.

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I grew up color-blind, my mom taught us to judge others on their behavior, not their race. My dad hated everybody equally (it was a joke), but he was good at languages and fluent in quite a few after living in other countries. He taught us the importance of respecting others cultures.
People that are racist need to do their own genealogy and discover no one is pure breed.
When my husband and I go out, we still get those odd comments,though I don’t really notice them anymore.

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Wait… what? got kicked out of a store because he is black? Wow, in my neck of the woods, that does NOT happen. It would be in the news, on T.V. there would be law suits, advocacy groups chanting “boycott”

Do you live in the deep south?

There is racism in my town. But it’s more subtle and maybe that’s worse.

Oh yeah. So deep you can’t see the light. They weren’t kicked out because he was black. That wouldn’t have flown down there. They got kicked out because she is white and he is black and they were obviously together. (They like to hold hands and stuff. Just like any other college aged couple).

@csummers I wouldn’t say I am color blind, I’m more of a celebrate out differences kind of person. I am white and certain things don’t look as good on me as they would a black woman. I’m sure it goes in reverse for some things but I can’t think of anything. Like I talked to one of the black women I happened to come across on campus because I wanted to tell her I liked her shoes. They were an almost neon orange. She offered them to me because they were very uncomfortable and I liked them so much. I politely refused and, like I told her, with my skin tone I would look horrible in in that color. (Or, but I didn’t say this, a huge redneck). I have seen a girl whose skin is about my shade in a floofy prom dress of that color. Lets just say that was not a good call on her part. I have also tried on other colorful very bright to neon clothes while shopping. Nope.

It may also be bad because I am a redhead. I have found that any color brighter than your hair is a no go. It just doesn’t work.


Wish I could find this picture of a young woman, before photoshop and the internet, that was done for a story in a magazine about race.
There were 4pictures on the same page, each of different race, white, black, asian, latina (mexican). Thing is, it was all the same woman in all 4pictures, each done with different makeup and wigs. Looked very convincing that it was 4different women, but nope, same.
Just goes to show we are not all that different.