I’m really frustrated with this app. First off, it’s overpriced for what I’m getting. Why are they matching me with people in my home state? This is my third or fourth therapist and she already missed the 5:30 live phone session. It’s almost 6pm. My last therapist asked me how I was doing and then I wrote back, and she suddenly stopped responding. What the heck is going on here? I already told her I have schizophrenia, and she accepted. So now she’s not calling me. I’m probably going to have to find an in person therapist this is a total rip off. These people are not being professional.


I am sorry you are going through this also. I also had to end my time with better help. It was very costly and they were not helping.


Yeah its awful. I just canceled my subscription and I’m re-matching with a therapist until my month runs out because I literally JUST RENEWED and now suddenly they’re acting this way maybe tomorrow I will find an in person therapist but I bet slots are pretty full or booked up.

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I wouldnt Wanna pay for therapy.

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I considered using betterhelp. What are their prices?

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It’s like $40 a month.

How many sessions do you get?

I would say this app is not better than human, but will suggest you methods to improve mental health.

I learnt about
Cognitive distortions
Black and white thinking
Should statements
Smart goals
Growth mind set
Gratitude journal
And some more…

You can message the therapist at any time/and you can schedule as many sessions as often as they have availability. It’s not the worst program I have just been going thru a lot lately. You can schedule a phone session/or live one. The live chat is weird, like you watch them as they type almost like a shared screen format. Just depends on what you’re comfortable with. But you can message them on like an IM app any time and they usually reply…

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