Best Med for Thought Broadcasting?

See title. What med was your best success in ailing this hellish symptom?

Any of the antipsychotics can be used to treat ‘thought broadcasting.’ The so-called gold standard is a neuroleptic called Clozaril. To answer your question, I have benefited from Abilify.

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Any update here guys? Are you still on the site? Did you manage to overcome TB?

Ive tried risperidone and haldol, both helped, i relapsed on risperidone and got switched to haldol. Medium doses on both. I dont suggest quetiapine unless you are too active and jumping everywhere, quetiapine will make you extremely drowsy

AP’s are used till user gets insight of their positive symptoms like thought broadcasting, delusion, hallucination etc. Using APs to get more than that like fully eliminating symptoms can result in increasing negative and cognitive symptoms as too much dopamine suppression is bad and if its bought way too low then parkinson like symptoms can appear and numerous other side effects. CBT and other therapies are used to manage the rest of the symptoms.

I take thorazine 500 mg daily. Half in the morning and half at bedtime. It got rid of my thought broadcasting. I hope this information helps.

Learning new things here. I didn’t know there was a term for thought broadcasting but most meds worked for me there. But only one stopped my voices and that was Clozaril

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