Benefits of meds, is this real or am I imagining it?


After trying 3 antipsychotics I got put on an old school antipsychotic called Trilafon. I noticed that after a few days I can concentrate, get things done, I am not constantly in a daydream, and I am more relaxed. I am very sceptical towards meds, so I don´t think it´s a placebo effect…

So I was wondering, has anyone else experienced these type of benefits? The others I took, abilify, risperdal, seroquel just knocked me out and I couldn´t care less about anything when on them. But Trilafon activates me. Does this mean it works?

I am interested in other people´s experiences. I will see my Pdoc in Two weeks so I can´t ask him about it yet!

Many thanks.


Yes, I’m on Invega Sustenna and it’s working wonders with me. I’m a better person on meds. Glad you found a right one.

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sounds like you found a good med for you maybe, i found the right med for me too, i hope you continue to feel like this and keep the doctor well informed about your progress

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Meds are different for everybody. Abilify is really the only one that worked for me. But if I don’t take the supplement l-theanine or a benzo, then I can’t cope with the side effects of restlessness and anxiety.

I’m slowly (Very slowly) coming off the benzos and using l-theanine full time.

That’s just the combo that works for me, and might not work for someone else.

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It just depends on the med and the person. First generation antipsychotics I think treated positive symptoms better by default, but did nothing for negative symptoms. Second generation is kinda better at treating negative symptoms, kinda. I take Latuda currently and Sarcosine daily. The latter greatly improved my negative and cognitive symptoms by far, to a point I’ve never been to before in my life.

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Thankyou for info, that´s probably why these New meds are working, because I have few negative symptoms and mainly positive ones. Why didn´t my Pdoc tell me this…

Trilafon worked for me back in 1996, I forgot why my pdoc switched meds, but I liked it at the time.

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I have had good results with the old school meds. Is just finding the right old school med which gives you the least side effects.

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