Being too judgemenal

I try not to talk about people or gossip although may fail epically . Is bitchy of me that I made comment that girl was wild for having a baby young when she’s ten years younger then me stole my man and then made it to where I wasn’t allowed to say anything about her because im supposedly wild and use to date a lot of guys. She tryed to emphasis that she was dating the guy she stole and basically that I was sleeping with him .was I wrong for making the comment that she’s wild for getting pregnant young and I may have acted wild per say in past but all been at least age eighteen and only one guy in nine years but I’ve never had kids especially real young to be so wild. I try not to be mean but this girl acts holier than thou and judged me but played the nice game and didn’t say anything mean way although took man so I may look bad saying anything

Why is this girl still in your life if she stole your man?

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