Being quiet, Wrong?

I often hear that im quiet.
Is it something wrong with that.


There’s nothing wrong with being a quiet person.
I’m kind of quiet too.


It’s better than being loud and obnoxious


I dont know why people complain.

Who’s complaining?

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Maybe you’re taking in the world around you, maybe you could just share your view more often? See if it helps

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People at workplace, other people.

Don’t listen to them.
Ignore them.

It’s really ok to be on the quiet side.

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Im a quiet person, but Im still personable. I think that is what upsets people around me more than being quiet, is when Im not up to small talk or up to hearing how their day went.

I think people underestimate the peace of quality silence. I have a friend and we will hangout and we can go long periods of time without saying a word and it won’t be awkward. Other people I know get super uncomfortable if every millisecond isn’t taken up by noise. Just how people are wired I think.

It’s okay being quiet. Someone has to listen.

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