Im not thankful

Im just not and i don’t feel that i should be.

Had i the choice i would not have been here at all. And it’s really not worth my time this life.

Im not thankful,and i can’t be happy with this life.

Funny how we all walk around saying “it could have been worse”, thats because everyone’s life sucks so bad, if it wasn’t horrible we wouldn’t be saying those things.

Don’t be thankful, do yourself that favor at least, it’s just not right for you to be thankful for such an awful thing happening to you.

I don’t know if it could be better, but it really should be, i guess earth is what happens when nature randomly spews out life, yay nature.

I hope that i don’t see a mother strolling around her dying child today, i don’t think that i can see those things much more.

there are things such as being able to access the internet, being in warm place, having food in belly

positivity does go long ways when one appreciates the basic foundation of survival that makes all of our hearts to keep beating. Who cares how one lives their lives no matter how crappy it is. The heart still beats. Why?

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We are a tense people and can’t take the kicks in the butt most people take for granted as an incentive.

I admire your honesty.