Being an adult can suck but it is also fun

Number one: cops leave me alone. Cops drive past me in traffic and know by a combination of my look, age, and “vibe” that I’m a responsible adult and I’m not going around causing trouble. So I fear them very little now. And people just take one glance at me and smile and look at me as a nice guy despite the sh*t that they know I’ve been through to survive this long. I don’t mean as a schizophrenic, its just when you get to be around fifty, other adults and even kids respect you for surviving this long because they know what it takes.
I love getting the smiles from women my age.

I’m definitely not a physical fighter but I am able occasionally able to make people who bug me a little nervous or scared because of the years etched on my face. It cracked me up at the board & care when two of these tough newcomer kids kept glancing at me nervously in the dining room at meals. I couldn’t figure out why they kept looking at me until it dawned on me and I realized they were scared of me. It cracked me up. Hmmm, maybe I can use this to my advantage. (later, I was on good terms with them.).

As an adult, women know that I don’t have just sex on my mind when I’m near them. I still think about sex but just talking takes more precedence now when I 'm at work or out in public. In fact just about an hour ago, I was walking by myself through my sisters apartment complex and a woman was walking by pushing a baby in a stroller. I didn’t stare, I had no ulterior motives, and at first she kept a poker face but then she “got me” and understood I’m not some desperate teen looking to score and she smiled and we exchanged a few friendly words.