Being a tomboy because I can't compete with the girls

Oh, well, at least I can admit it.

Nothing wrong with being a tomboy. So long as you dont feel pressured into it.
Decent proper people will take you on your personality - not how you choose to look.

Dont compete with them - try and be yourself. They might very well be competing with you!

Well, I wished I FELT feminine. But maybe that’s a fairy tale feeling.

I’m sure you have a lot to offer. Just look at the positive things about you.

I know woman - that if you spoke to them on the phone, the language they use you would swear they was a bloke.

And i myself feel quite feminine at times - especially when im babysitting upstairs little one. And quite often feel quite “broody” lol :smiley:

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Gender stereotypes are really bad. Theres no harm in being a masculine female or feminine male. Be comfortable with who you are and don’t worry about how others think you should be.

Im not that particularly feminine but I dont see myself as masculine at all. And Im very happy to be that way.

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