Being a Quitter

I do not want to play ball anymore. I have had group therapy, psychology, psychiatrist, medication, hospital and a care manager.

None of it seems to make a difference and I feel really stuck :-/

I have come to the conclusion I will stop taking my meds. I had a benefits assessment and they don’t seem to want to help even though I cannot afford the above anymore. It makes me so angry. If I really had Sz they would help me but they don’t seem to care.

I am going to try hard not to relapse, but the past three times this has happened. My mum is really annoyed with me as I told her what I was doing. I don’t give a ■■■■ now. I reject everything as I am the only one who can sort things out, and no one else can help.

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So are you saying meds didn’t help you? My meds work well on me

The meds go so far, but not all the way. I am sick of taking them.

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Dumb move. Inviting disaster but may be try other meds!

Yeah the mental health system is stressed in most realms but your selling yourself short. It pays to be proactive. WTF do you think will work for you?

It’s not an exact science. Rather than another psychotic event why not ask to try something to fix the symptoms. Yeah it’s hard as nails sometimes but it’s better than giving up!

Truly. Even Clozapine is better than nothing for most!

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I know it has the potential to be but I am determined to make it work this time.

Having tried what I posted there is precious little left that will work. My opinion and evaluation of the circumstances.

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Are you expecting to get rid of all symptoms, or to lessen them and learn to manage?
I understand your frustration, but you might be expecting too much

Learn to manage. I am determined to do it this time. I have discharged myself today from services and the group. If these things worked I wouldn’t be feeling or thinking like this. It just all needs to stop. No more doctors, I do not trust them.

I might be expecting too much, but I need to push myself. I have no faith in my Dx, and they refused to do a second opinion.

This has been my experience for the past 25+ years. The meds lay a foundation for recovery by removing “just enough” of the symptoms and giving you insight. You have to build something on that foundation. Not trying to point a finger of blame here, just sharing a quarter century of experience with this.

Me too. Unfortunately, all of the other choices are worse, so I take my meds and I keep buggering on.

I hope you will stay on your meds and keep trying for the benefits.

I get about the foundation thing, I just think I am going to be ok without meds. I have been doing all the things you’re supposed to do to improve recovery and promote it, but to be honest it makes me feel worse focusing on the illness so much.

Between 17 and 24 I didn’t take APs, and It took that long to have another relapse. I am trying to get to that again. It’s weighing the risk/benefit of taking them. I just need to keep my ■■■■ together and get through this.

I understand you’re not pointing the finger. It’s always a contentious issue about med compliance when it’s questioned but I’d rather everyone spoke their mind and not hold back.

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