Being a musician is a disease

It is all consuming - makes a very boring person. Not that it is the only profession that can do that to people.

Playing my guitar is an outlet for me. It releases my inner creativity and works out the right side of my brain. It can also be very left brain too. The octave scale, the circle of fifths, it can involve a lot of calculating. I decided to stop getting lessons and have been exploring it on my own. YouTube has a lot of great resources. I also play the bass guitar, but haven’t picked it up in a while. Good luck to you. :sunny:

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Musicians are boring? It’s kind of a big generalization Chordy, don’t you think? It may be true in some ways. I once heard some influential person quoted as saying " Most people live boring lives even famous and powerful people:. But it may depend on what genre of music you are talking about. Successful rocks stars for instance sound like they are interesting exciting people. Robert Plant, every Beatle, Elvis, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Ozzy. The list goes on.Those people sounded anything but boring when they were younger.

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Well, I only knew classical musicians closely. I never knew any pop musicians.

Yeah, it’s hard to picture a classical violinist trashing a hotel room and throwing a TV out a second story window. Lol.

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Classical composers, and composer-musicians, I find an interesting bunch.

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I’ve actually met a few new violinist who are a bit rock and roll. The Seattle symphony had a few guys who also did and Irish Pub band as a side project and they got in the paper for their pub antics a lot more often then they did for their symphony work.

I’ve always wanted to learn classical violin. It’s a beautiful instrument.

I’m thinking, if things are still improving, I will start taking lessons at the end of the year.

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Very cool! I bet you will love the violin.

I’m turning into a David Garrett fan. He can ROCK a violin. The band Rasputina is heavy metal Cello. My kid sis is also a fan of a violinist called Emily Autumn… (she’s a bit to goth for me) It’s an exciting time for string instruments.

My sis went through a violin phase and she was average. She liked it, but she fell off her bicycle and broke both arms at the same time. By the time she got the cast off, she worked hard to get her Piano skills back up… The violin is still on the shelf in her closet.

I keep eyeing it a little more every day. I do still plink around on the guitar. I bet I could squeak out something on a violin. When finals week is over I am very tempted to take the violin and at least tune it up and give it some attention.

David Garrett putting a rock-n-roll spin on Vivaldi’s “Summer”


That was AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing that with me!



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Glad you like it. He’s from Germany. But for a while I thought he was a native Seattle guy because he dresses just like the rest of us guys here. Faded jeans, tee-shirt under a wrinkled coat… yup, looks like teen spirit to me… :wink:

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