Behaving and talking like a child

Does anyone else struggle with this?

Sometimes I act a lot childlike but very seldom childish.

Whats the difference between childlike and childish?

Childish is silly and immature
Childlike is having good qualities of a child such as innocence

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I have acted + talked like a child for years. I’m trying to change that not by acting like an adult, but to act like myself as I’ve become through all my life experiences. It’s safer than the pseudo safeness I get be acting child-like.

It gets hard to fool them when you have gray hair.

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I think that I am stuck at around 20 or 21 years old sometimes - the age when my full blown BP/SZA hit me

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Yes, I have and my understanding is that it was triggered by abuse. It is possible that it is a personality disorder. The wounded child is seeking help. I find art therapy, pets, reading and therapy has helped. Also, loud or violence can make it appear. Possibly people of authority, parents, bully type behaviors in people can cause this to happen. We were deprived or abandon in some ways by our parents. We are seeking acceptance and acknowledgement for being alive, we need to feel wanted and needed, we want to feel nurtured and appreciated. We want love. We need love. Group support would be good.

are you familliar with the book “Recovery of your inner child” by Lucia Capacchione?

It helped me quite a bit back in the mid 90’s.

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I went through a second childhood, alone without my family. Acknowledgement for being alive might come in handy.