Before the 1950s mental hospitals......Post a picture of the hospital you were in if you like

I found out before the 1950s and throughout history mental hospitals were designed in structure to keep you there, once you were deemed mentally ill.

the mental hospital I was in Ireland here was built in the 1800s very spooky looking place.

I will upload a picture of it now.


My first mental break down was in Tenerife in 2000 another spooky hospital here’s a pic of it.


this hospital is for the criminal insane people, people that commited crimes here in Ireland

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I’ve been in all three

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Never been hospitallized …i changed 5 to 6 pdoc…!!!

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That looks very grim. Like a mausoleum or something :worried:

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This is Pilgrim State Hospital in Brentwood, NY. It opened in 1931, and once was the largest psychiatric hospital in the world. In 1954, it housed 13,875 patients:


this is what it was like for those poor souls. We are truly blessed. And we “don’t want to take our meds”


I drove to my hospital grounds just to ponder a bit, drove back to the off licence picked up some beer …ah sure why not?

so true :slight_smile:


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I was here in Cork, Ireland…

wow looks new @Diana_Ross7

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It was opened in 2015…


it’s good to know they are building new hospitals here in Ireland …

Yeah but they think the fact it is separated from the main hospital unnecessarily stigmatizes those who use the unit. Before, people entered the main hospital and the unit was integrated with all other departments whereas this is separated from the main campus. I had mostly a positive experience there. Although one lady in her sixties committed suicide in the time I was there…

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ahh this is so weird and sad =(

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I was so unwell in 2000 my first breakdown I was convinced I was going to a hospital not a psychiatric one.

ive risen above peoples stigma because there opinion means noting to me, I choose long ago not to let it affect me I have many reasons for this.

Yeah? How do you not let it affect you? And why?

There is a downside, in my country there are no more mental hospitals and the normal ones aren’t well equipped.
So they make you a zombie for a couple of weeks and then send you home.