Been suffering the past two days

I’ve just been feeling awful, I’ll be glad when it passes.


Hey man,your thinking is positive,but I am sorry to hear that your suffering…i had months where I was feeling bad too,now I am doing good and maintaining.My therapist said recovery from mental illness is non-linear,the tough time will make your good time more enjoyable!

Just remember that it doesn’t have to always be this way. It will pass.

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hope things improve man, stay positive :slight_smile:

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Sending good vibes your way :sparkles:

Hey man. Here’s to you feeling better some time soon. J

I too hope you get to feeling better quick. I buy myself flowers for the dining room table when I need cheering up. good luck.

i understand how you feel. I feel bad sometimes for weeks but thankfully it passes. It’s been remarkably easy for people to make me cry lately. It drives my partner crazy. she hates when I cry I think it annoys her.